Origami Paper Crane

Origami Paper Folding – Origami for Beginners and Origami Videos

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Origami paper crane

Once upon a time, someone told me that if you can make one thousand origami paper crane within a year, your wish will come true.

“One thousand?” I asked. That’s an expensive price to pay just to have your wish granted, isn’t it?

Well, not really. If you look at the task from a different point of view, that’s equal to less than three origami paper cranes per day. If you can fold three every day, you’ll finish one thousand before the year is over.

The One Thousand Origami Paper Cranes Journey

The real question is, will your wish really come true? Continue reading →

[dia.lo.gues] is alive and the GarageBand eBook is also out!

[ dia.lo.gues ] of an amateur digital musician-1.jpgAs part of my previously released eBook: “Recording Your Next Hit With GarageBand” written for MakeUseOf, I am creating and maintaining a new website: dia.lo.gues.

It’s part of supersubconscious and it’s alive now. Go and visit the site if you have a spare time. Nothing’s there yet, but it will continuously grow, filled with the latest tips and trick on music creation and publication that I stumble upon; also stories and updates on my songs.

And if you like music and want to join me in the gang of home-based digital musician, download the “Recording Your Next Hit With GarageBand” eBook for free.


Belated New Year’s Resolution

It’s almost two weeks past New Year’s eve. A bit too late for resolutions. But better late than never, right? I have plenty on my list – as always, and one of them is to write more regularly in my dearly SuperSubConscious.

Lack of time has always been my excuse to keep abandoning this blog, and almost a year has passed without any updates. So, I hope this upcoming year I could squeeze out more time to babble here. I also hope that you, dear readers, could put up reading more of my silly thoughts.

But enough for me. What about you? If you care to share your own resolution(s), put it down in the comment below. We’ll pray together that we can achieve our goals this year (and the years to come).

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The 10,000 Hours Rule

I was in the beginning of Malcom Gladwell’s “Outliers” – a very good book, highly recommended – when I heard about this so-called “The 10,000 Hours rule” (the 10000 hours rule). Scientific researches to successful figures reveal that to prepare someone for THE opportunity that one day will come, he or she should already have gone through a minimum 10,000 hours of practice. This is roughly equivalent to a 3-hour practice everyday for about 10 years.

This explains why only those who had determination and able to focus on something will be successful, while those who jumps around from one thing to another will likely fail. Talent and Intelligence are just a small part of success, and matter only up to a certain level.

Bruce Lee once said, “I’m not afraid of a person who practice 1000 kicks one time, but I’m afraid of a person who practice one kick 1000 times.”

Well said master!

Save US$891 on Mac Softwares and Save The World


If you are a Mac user, you can save US$ 891 on Mac Softwares while making a world a better place doing so.

No, it’s not an April mop. Here’s how you can do it.

MacHeist is back in its third year of promoting a bundle of Mac softwares with a crazy discount. The total bundle should be US$ 931, but they sell it for US$ 39 only.

Now, my role here is not as a salesman and I’m not selling you anything. But what I like about this event is that they will donate 25% of the profit for charity. Their goal is to raise US$ 400,000 and at the time of writing this article, they almost reach US$ 280,000.

What good things could be done with US$ 400,000? Lots of them.

So if you have US$ 39 to spare (and want to get US$ 931 worth of good quality Mac softwares), let’s support the event and help to make the world a better place. Buy the bundle here.

Note: The event will end at April 7, 2009

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Simpleology: Simple Science to Guide You Through the Noises

The best things in life – like time and life energy – are free; and as all other free things, normal human being – us – have the tendency to take them for granted. So no wonder why most of us loves wasting time and energy.

Take me for example. I belong to the deadlines tribe. I am barely able to escape through each and every deadlines, because I love to put aside my (cough – boring – cough)important tasks for (more fun) unimportant activities like reading comic books, playing solitaire, online and offline chatting, and all kind of ‘noises’ we are all too familiar with; and left my works undone until (or after) the last minutes.

Sometimes I even wandering around aimlessly not knowing what to do amidst the abundance of works and assignments that I have to do. They’re just soo much that I become blank instead. Sounds familiar?

While the complete cure to the noise addiction lies inside ourselves, there are treatments available. Here’s one alternative you can try.

The Simple Science of Getting What You Want
Simpleology is the title of a book and name of the self development program created by Mark Joyner. For those of you who has been connected to the internet long enough, you might have stumbled with the name before. He’s one of the pioneer in internet marketing.

Anyway, the one that we’re going to talk about here is not the book but the web course. Continue reading →

How to Easily Control And Manipulate Human Mind

Mind Control Baby

Mind Control Baby

Either you realize it or not, want it or not, your mind is being manipulated and controlled by others each and every moment of your life. In fact, your mind is being controlled by me at this very moment. Wanted proof? You are still reading the text, aren’t you?

Even though I tried my best to come up with the best title for this post, it could still be somehow misleading. So, before we go any further, let me set the limit to our discussion. No, we will not talk about voodoo-ish kind of mind manipulating. Maybe more like science-based psycological-ish kind. Not to the hardcore level of brainwashing, but simple tricks people use everyday to their peers or even their larger environment – mass mind manipulation.

You see, human mind is full of loopholes. There are lots of scientific experiments conducted to proof this. One of them is Solomon Asch experiment in 1957. People who know and understand about this can (and surely will) take advantage of their knowledge, while the unknown are sitting ducks – ready and able to follow every ‘command’ given to them. From a simple ‘do this’ to the level of ‘kill them’. Some for the ‘good cause’ (or at least that is what the do-ers believe), some for ‘other causes’.

I have demonstrated one of the mind control tricks clearly from the very beginning. If you are reding this far, then the trick works. They say curiousity kills the cat, but this time it keeps you reading.

Emotion is the easiest pick. Make people (believe they would be) very happy and they would do anything for you. Make them feel guilty and they would do anything for you. You can also use fear – fear of losing or fear of not getting something they want – to achieve the same goal.

Everybody have their own authoritative figures: parents, kings, ugly boss who always shouts, religious leaders, celebrities, cool guy on the basketball team, society, gods, prophets, Bill Gates… You can use people’s obidience to authoritative figures to make them taking – or not taking – some actions. Continue reading →

Getting Old On The Road

Traffic Jam

I’m not a commuter. Not anymore – thank goodness. But my wife is. Everyday she spends few hours to go to work and another few to go home. If we do a short calculation, multiplying the hours she spent everyday on the road and the number of days she’s been doing that – almost fifteen years, we can fairly say – as my friend put it – she’s getting old on the road.

Curiously, I really did the calculation and came up with an amazingly annoying result. So far, the number of hours she spent on the road  – only for going back and forth to work – equals to more than two years. If one spent those amount of time to practice classical guitar, for example, he or she would be a world class classical guitar player. Another way to see it is this: if my wife’s hourly working rate is only a dollar, she has lost about twenty thousand dollars on the road. And the number keeps on growing everyday.

What about people who spent twenty or thirty or more of years of their life commuting? Continue reading →