Origami Obsession

3d origami - Paper Crane.jpgOnce upon a time, someone told me that if you can make one thousand paper crane within a year, your wish will come true.

“One thousand?” I asked. That’s an expensive price to pay just to have your wish granted, isn’t it?

Well, not really. If you look at the task from different point of view, that’s equal to less than three cranes per day. If you can fold three everyday, you’ll finish one thousand before the year is over.

The beginning

The real question is, will your wish really come true? I tried to find out the answer and live up to the challenge back when I had all the time in the world. I failed. I stop after few months at the count of four hundred something. The reason: there was no more paper to fold. (And everybody was complaining about the piles of cranes that invaded their space :) )

Anyway, that was the beginning of my obsession to 3d origami. Since then I study different models to fold and almost always know what to do with every small piece of scrap paper that I encounter in my spare time.

3d origami - Two Cranes.jpg

3d origami or paper folding is one of my ways to get temporary bliss within the chaos of everyday life. Shaping the piece of paper into one form will filter out the noise from all around you. But don’t just take my word. You should try this amazing art yourself.

Back in my four hundred paper cranes day, 3d origami sources were hard to find. My only hopes are public libraries or similarly obsessed friend who just got back from abroad. Now things are better. Here are few places that you can visit to start:

  1. Origami Club
  2. Paper the World
  3. Origami dot com

I deliberately put no picture of the sites. Visit them and be surprised.

Image credit: Lok_lok05, Origamiancy

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