Brain Joke

A man walked into an antique shop and seemed to be fascinated by the big glass display. There were three items which looked like human brain inside it. So, he asked the shopkeeper curiously, “Are these human brains you are selling?” “Yes, Sir.” The shopkeeper replied. “Rare collectible items if I might add.” “Really? But…

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The Nights of the Electricity Dead

For a technology-freaky-geek like me – and most of the visitor of this page 🙂 – what could be worst than no internet connection? I’ll tell you what is: no electricity. No internet means no browsing, no email, no chatting, no downloading… For some, it’s the end of the world. Well, if it is, then…

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Hello world! Really!

Yes, really. This is my first post to the ‘real’ world. And the definition of ‘real’ here is the rest of the world outside of my beautiful country – Indonesia. Sure, I’ve blogged before. Since around 2004-2005. But that was (and still is) limited to those who are using my mother tongue  – what else,…

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