Simple Science of Success – The 10,000 Hours Rule

I was at the beginning of Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” – an excellent read, highly recommended – when I heard about this so-called “The 10,000 Hours rule” (the 10000 hours rule). Scientific researches to successful figures reveal that to prepare someone for THE opportunity that one day will come, he or she should master the necessary skills. And to master a skill, the person should already have gone through a minimum 10,000 hours of practice. That amount is roughly equivalent to a 3-hour of practicing the craft every day for about ten years.

While the number might scare off most people, there are several things that we should remember:

  • First, ten years is nothing compared to the rest of your life.
  • Second, you can shorten the number of years by adding the number of hours you practice every day.
  • Third, you’ll gladly do something that you love for hours daily. So it’s important to focus on a skill that you like or try to enjoy the things that you do.

10000 hours rule jump

That being said, ten years of three hours of daily practice is still ten years of three hours of daily practice. This explains why only those who had the determination and able to focus on something will be successful, while those who jumps around from one thing to another will likely fail. Talent and Intelligence are just a small part of success and matter only up to a certain level.

The Irrelevant Number

But where do the 10,000 hours figure come from? Is it even scientifically legitimate? Well, in my opinion, whether or not the number can be proven with science is irrelevant. The important thing is if you want to be able to do something well, you have to be willing to spend your time and effort to practice it.

Even those who are lucky enough to be born with the so-called talent won’t get anywhere with their talent if they never use it. But if you put your heart into something that you do, talent or not, you’ll get somewhere.

10000 hours rule sidewalk-painters

The Tale of the English Class

I teach English to non-English-speaking students, and many of them often ask me how long it will take for them to master the language. I always answer them with this joke. “I know someone who can speak English fluently, and he’s only three years old.”

And my students, mostly teenagers and adults, would ask, “Really?”

“Yes,” I said. “He’s British.”

Their answer would go more or less like this, “That’s cheating. The British speak English all the time.”

“My point exactly,” I concluded with a smile.

10000 hours rule students

Some of them would get it; some others won’t. But the message is clear. You won’t get anywhere if you are only willing to practice a skill twice a week for less than two hours each time. That’s the schedule of their English class.

Change Your Story

To put the story into your context, change “English” with any skill that you want to acquire and adjust the other elements of the story accordingly. For example, ” I know someone who can play the piano like a master, and he’s only ten years old. He plays piano all the time, and not just once a week for a half hour.”

10000 hours rule music

Bruce Lee once said, “I’m not afraid of a person who practice 1000 kicks one time, but I’m afraid of a person who practice one kick 1000 times.”

That’s why they called him Master!

Simpleology: Simple Science to Guide You Through the Noises

The best things in life – like time and life energy – are free; and as all other free things, normal human being – us – have the tendency to take them for granted. So no wonder why most of us loves wasting time and energy.

Take me for example. I belong to the deadlines tribe. I am barely able to escape through each and every deadlines, because I love to put aside my (cough – boring – cough)important tasks for (more fun) unimportant activities like reading comic books, playing solitaire, online and offline chatting, and all kind of ‘noises’ we are all too familiar with; and left my works undone until (or after) the last minutes.

Sometimes I even wandering around aimlessly not knowing what to do amidst the abundance of works and assignments that I have to do. They’re just soo much that I become blank instead. Sounds familiar?

While the complete cure to the noise addiction lies inside ourselves, there are treatments available. Here’s one alternative you can try.

The Simple Science of Getting What You Want
Simpleology is the title of a book and name of the self development program created by Mark Joyner. For those of you who has been connected to the internet long enough, you might have stumbled with the name before. He’s one of the pioneer in internet marketing.

Anyway, the one that we’re going to talk about here is not the book but the web course. Continue reading “Simpleology: Simple Science to Guide You Through the Noises”

How to Easily Control And Manipulate Human Mind

Either you realize it or not, want it or not, your mind is being manipulated and controlled by others each and every moment of your life. In fact, your mind is being controlled by me at this very moment. Wanted proof? You are still reading the text, aren’t you?

Even though I tried my best to come up with the best title for this post, it could still be somehow misleading. So, before we go any further, let me set the limit to our discussion. No, we will not talk about voodoo-ish kind of mind manipulating. Maybe more like science-based psychological-ish kind. Not to the hardcore level of brainwashing, but simple tricks people use every day to their peers or even their larger environment – mass mind manipulation.

Experiments on Mind Control

You see, the human mind is full of loopholes. There are lots of scientific experiments conducted to proof this. One of them is Solomon Asch experiment in 1957. For those who are curious about the experiment, a quick search will tell you more. But here’s a YouTube video to give you a picture. There are ton more from where it came from.

People who know and understand about this can (and surely will) take advantage of their knowledge, while the unknown are sitting ducks – ready and able to follow every ‘command’ given to them. From a simple ‘do this’ to the level of ‘kill them’. Some for the ‘good cause’ (or at least that is what the doers believe), some for ‘other causes’.

I have demonstrated one of the mind control tricks clearly from the very beginning. If you are reading this far, then the method works. They say curiosity kills the cat, but this time, it keeps you reading.

Emotion is the easiest pick. Make people (believe they would be) very happy and they would do anything for you. Make them feel guilty and they would do anything for you. You can also use fear – fear of losing or fear of not getting something they want – to achieve the same goal.

Everybody have their own authoritative figures: parents, kings, an ugly boss who always shouts, religious leaders, celebrities, cool guy on the basketball team, society, gods, prophets, Bill Gates. You can use people’s obedience to authoritative figures to make them taking – or not taking – some actions. Continue reading “How to Easily Control And Manipulate Human Mind”

Getting Old On The Road

I’m not a commuter. Not anymore – thank goodness. But my wife is. Every day she spends few hours to go to work and another few to go home. If we do a short calculation, multiplying the hours she spent every day on the road and the number of days she’s been doing that – almost fifteen years, we can reasonably say – as my friend put it – she’s getting old on the road.

Traffic Jam

Wasted Time, and Money

Curiously, I did the calculation and came up with an amazingly annoying result. So far, the number of hours she spent on the road  – only for going back and forth to work – equals to more than two years. If a person spends those amount of time to practice classical guitar, for example, he or she would be a world-class classical guitar player. Another way to see it is this: if my wife’s hourly working rate is only a dollar, she has lost about twenty thousand dollars on the road. And the number keeps on growing every day.

What about people who spent twenty or thirty or more of years of their life commuting? Continue reading “Getting Old On The Road”

Brain Joke

human brain

A man walked into an antique shop and seemed to be fascinated by the big glass display. There were three items which looked like human brain inside it. So, he asked the shopkeeper curiously, “Are these human brains you are selling?”

“Yes, Sir.” The shopkeeper replied. “Rare collectible items if I might add.”

“Really? But the price tag is a bit pricey, don’t you think?”

“Worth every penny.”

“I see. So, whose brain is this?” Asked the man while pointing out to one ‘item’ tagged one hundred thousand dollar.

“That’s Newton’s”

“Newton as in Isaac Newton?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Wow…” The man was more fascinated. He then asked another question, pointing to the second one, “And this one, the one priced at five hundred thousand dollar?”


The man’s jaw dropped. His eyes almost popped out of his head. After a few moments of shocking silence, he speechlessly pointed out the third brain, wondered whose brain was that, expected to hear the greatest name in history of human kind. The third brain was tagged a million dollar.

“That one sir, was my mother in law’s.” Said the shopkeeper.

There’s a long moment of silence.

The man confusedly asked, “Why is your mother in law’s brain more expensive than Einstein’s?”

The shopkeeper answered, “It’s in mint condition, Sir. Never had been used.”

How to live 30 hours a day

distortion of time

One of the most popular quotes about time is “Time is Money”. The meaning is simple: time is valuable. You and everybody else in this world have the same share: 24 hours everyday. No more no less. You waste it, you lose it. It won’t come back. Ever.

The funny thing is, there are times when you feel a day last longer, and there are times you feel the other way around. Some people struggle to find more time to be able to finish their works, yet some seems to have too much time that they have to struggle to find things to do to fill their seems to be neverending supply. It seems as if time were stretch-able.

Well, is it stretch-able? Can we get extra time? Can we lose extra time? We’ll let the scientist answer that questions as they are too complicated for us common people. Time is one of the most abstract concepts in human life – along with love, afterlife, alien life form, angels, and the thought that Zune can outsell iPod.

But scientist or not, everybody knows that time flies when you really enjoy what you’re doing, and time crawls when you feel the opposite. So, if you want more time, try to hate everything that you do. :). Kidding!

But if you want to get ‘bonus’ time, say, six more hours everyday, you could try this following self hack.
Continue reading “How to live 30 hours a day”

The Nights of the Electricity Dead

light bulb

For a technology-freaky-geek like me – and most of the visitor of this page 🙂 – what could be worst than no internet connection? I’ll tell you what is: no electricity.

No internet means no browsing, no email, no chatting, no downloading… For some, it’s the end of the world. Well, if it is, then what could better describe no electricity? Hell on earth? Or the night of the living dead?

No electricity means no nothing. Not even a single working light bulb. It also means that all the ice cream in you fridge will turn into warm cream. (And we can’t let our life goes on without ice cream, can’t we?). No TV. No movies. Just imagine yourself sitting in the dark living room staring at the empty TV screen.

Some would find a short savation through their iPods. But battery could only last for so long. For others who are not that fortunate, your nights would be empty.

But that’s just a “what ifs” right? You see the scene so much in the movie but never really experienced it. The no electricity, I mean. We, modern people, have been depending on electricity so much that we are afraid imagining our life without it.

Well guess what. I went through another “Nights of the Electricity Dead”. Yas, another. For us living in the so-called third world, it’s one of the daily things we have. And believe it or not, it’s not so bad. We lit some candles throughout our house, not too many actually – our house is not that big; we sat together in our living room, enjoying the serene atmosphere; I played some songs using my nylon-classical guitar and we sang together; told funny stories and laughed together. All activities that we’d never do in the electrical world because we’re too busy watching TV or working or checking emails (or eating ice cream).

So, thank you electrical company for cutting our electricity once in a while (even though there has been too many whiles..). Darkness enables me to appreciate lights. Even the smallest ones – from the candles.

Now that the lights are on, please excuse me because I have few blogs to take care of (and few hundreds emails to read…)

Joke of The Day: My Site is Worth Two Billion Dollars

I just came across a site called dnScoop. We can guess what they do by looking at their page title “dnScoop – Domain Name Value, History, Stats Tool and Forum.

Out of curiousity, I put the URL of my brand new blog (still building it, at the time of writing this post) –this very site you are looking right now, crossed my finger, and clicked the “Check It” button.

Bunch of statistical datas appeared – from the domain age, pagerank, traffic rank, and such – but what really caught my attention was the “Money” part (what else!). It said that one link on my site worth about $5/mo, and if there are 8 advertisers buying the links I could get about $40 per month. I smiled. Not bad for a site that still under construction.

But, here’s the joke: The Site Value Report said

The estimated value of is: $0

Then came the punchline: they smile, gave me a string of HTML code and said “Copy and Paste this code to your site.” That code will show small square banner that says “My Site is Worth $0″ Followed by a big dnScoop logo under it. It’s like having your naked picture exibited in front of your house, framed, with the name of the photographer under it. :)

Anyway, enough with the self pity. I continued the fun and went crazy checking out other sites that I visited often. It’s so fun that I decided this will be one of my slacking off activities.

I chucle a little bit when reading the link value report for It said, “We can’t generate a link value for this site.” The machine thought that no advertiser can afford placing a link ad on Google. Yet, the irony is, everybody does that all the time – for just cents per click. (AdWords, anyone?)

So, I ended the journey by copying the HTML Site Value code (of Google’s), and pasting it on my site. Now, what everybody see – on the right column of the page – is that my under-construction site is worth two billion american dollars. (And it’s for sale if there’s somebody willing to pay that much. Tee-hee).

So, how much is your site worth?

Hello world! Really!

Yes, really.

This is my first post to the ‘real’ world. And the definition of ‘real’ here is the rest of the world outside of my beautiful country – Indonesia.

Sure, I’ve blogged before. Since around 2004-2005. But that was (and still is) limited to those who are using my mother tongue  – what else, Indonesian.

Anyway, I am welcoming my self to the real world. And I hope you are also. Please enjoy your staying here. I hope my thought can be a little bit useful.