How to Easily Control And Manipulate Human Mind

Mind Control Baby

Mind Control Baby

Either you realize it or not, want it or not, your mind is being manipulated and controlled by others each and every moment of your life. In fact, your mind is being controlled by me at this very moment. Wanted proof? You are still reading the text, aren’t you?

Even though I tried my best to come up with the best title for this post, it could still be somehow misleading. So, before we go any further, let me set the limit to our discussion. No, we will not talk about voodoo-ish kind of mind manipulating. Maybe more like science-based psycological-ish kind. Not to the hardcore level of brainwashing, but simple tricks people use everyday to their peers or even their larger environment – mass mind manipulation.

You see, human mind is full of loopholes. There are lots of scientific experiments conducted to proof this. One of them is Solomon Asch experiment in 1957. People who know and understand about this can (and surely will) take advantage of their knowledge, while the unknown are sitting ducks – ready and able to follow every ‘command’ given to them. From a simple ‘do this’ to the level of ‘kill them’. Some for the ‘good cause’ (or at least that is what the do-ers believe), some for ‘other causes’.

I have demonstrated one of the mind control tricks clearly from the very beginning. If you are reding this far, then the trick works. They say curiousity kills the cat, but this time it keeps you reading.

Emotion is the easiest pick. Make people (believe they would be) very happy and they would do anything for you. Make them feel guilty and they would do anything for you. You can also use fear – fear of losing or fear of not getting something they want – to achieve the same goal.

Everybody have their own authoritative figures: parents, kings, ugly boss who always shouts, religious leaders, celebrities, cool guy on the basketball team, society, gods, prophets, Bill Gates… You can use people’s obidience to authoritative figures to make them taking – or not taking – some actions. No matter how absurd it is. Something like, “Build the piramid!”, or “Finish this 3 thousand pages report by tomorrow morning, you @#$%^&*!!”, or “Love thy enemy.”, or “Don’t hang out with them. Those geeks will have a successful life.”, or “Everybody else use this bloated – resource hogging – virus friendly OS, so you should too!” (No offense. Peace, Bro!)

If there’s any field where human mind is most manipulated – in the largest scale, it would be marketing. Those sleazy marketers are using every tricks they know to sell you something everything anything and dried up your wallet.

But the good news is, the mind controlling/manipulating process will have less effect if the person being manipulated knows it. So the best way to protect yourself against mind manipulation effort is by learning more about it.

One of the best books about this subject is Mark Joyner’s best-seller “Mind Control Marketing” which is out of print and being auctioned at eBay for about US$ 500.00 each. He kind of regreted writing the book and decided not to re-print it because he was afraid that the tricks explained inside the book would be exploited.

Then he had the second thought that whether or not he made the book available, people’s mind would still be prone to controlling and manipulating anyway. So he thought the best way is to re-released the book – electronic version – for a limited time (he’s still not sure whether he’s doing the right thing), let everybody learn how to protect themselves against mind control marketers, and then see what would happen next.

If you want to know more about the book, I ‘accidentally’ got the link where Mark is giving away two chapters of his book for free. Enjoy!

All in all, knowing mind control tricks is not always about bad things. Beside learning how to protect yourself  and your loved ones, you could use the  tricks to do good things: create a better world, improve wealth, building a saver environment, campaign the global cooling, made your kids eats vegetables. Lots of great names has done the same; Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, to name the few. (Notice how I use authoritative figure to do persuade you do good things).

You could also use mind control to sell yourself and improve on your life and then others. Start now!

Want to know how? (Curiousity). By registering to my RSS feed and telling your friends about this post! (Selling).

Image Credit: kandinski