Joke of The Day: My Site is Worth Two Billion Dollars

I just came across a site called dnScoop. We can guess what they do by looking at their page title “dnScoop – Domain Name Value, History, Stats Tool and Forum.

Out of curiousity, I put the URL of my brand new blog (still building it, at the time of writing this post) –this very site you are looking right now, crossed my finger, and clicked the “Check It” button.

Bunch of statistical datas appeared – from the domain age, pagerank, traffic rank, and such – but what really caught my attention was the “Money” part (what else!). It said that one link on my site worth about $5/mo, and if there are 8 advertisers buying the links I could get about $40 per month. I smiled. Not bad for a site that still under construction.

But, here’s the joke: The Site Value Report said

The estimated value of is: $0

Then came the punchline: they smile, gave me a string of HTML code and said “Copy and Paste this code to your site.” That code will show small square banner that says “My Site is Worth $0″ Followed by a big dnScoop logo under it. It’s like having your naked picture exibited in front of your house, framed, with the name of the photographer under it. :)

Anyway, enough with the self pity. I continued the fun and went crazy checking out other sites that I visited often. It’s so fun that I decided this will be one of my slacking off activities.

I chucle a little bit when reading the link value report for It said, “We can’t generate a link value for this site.” The machine thought that no advertiser can afford placing a link ad on Google. Yet, the irony is, everybody does that all the time – for just cents per click. (AdWords, anyone?)

So, I ended the journey by copying the HTML Site Value code (of Google’s), and pasting it on my site. Now, what everybody see – on the right column of the page – is that my under-construction site is worth two billion american dollars. (And it’s for sale if there’s somebody willing to pay that much. Tee-hee).

So, how much is your site worth?

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