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Getting Old On The Road

I’m not a commuter. Not anymore – thank goodness. But my wife is. Every day she spends few hours to go to work and another few to go home. If we do a short calculation, multiplying the hours she spent every day on the road and the number of days she’s been doing that – almost fifteen years, we can reasonably say – as my friend put it – she’s getting old on the road.

Traffic Jam

Wasted Time, and Money

Curiously, I did the calculation and came up with an amazingly annoying result. So far, the number of hours she spent on the road  – only for going back and forth to work – equals to more than two years. If a person spends those amount of time to practice classical guitar, for example, he or she would be a world-class classical guitar player. Another way to see it is this: if my wife’s hourly working rate is only a dollar, she has lost about twenty thousand dollars on the road. And the number keeps on growing every day.

What about people who spent twenty or thirty or more of years of their life commuting?

lighter side

Brain Joke

human brain

A man walked into an antique shop and seemed to be fascinated by the big glass display. There were three items which looked like human brain inside it. So, he asked the shopkeeper curiously, “Are these human brains you are selling?”

“Yes, Sir.” The shopkeeper replied. “Rare collectible items if I might add.”

“Really? But the price tag is a bit pricey, don’t you think?”

“Worth every penny.”

“I see. So, whose brain is this?” Asked the man while pointing out to one ‘item’ tagged one hundred thousand dollar.

“That’s Newton’s”

“Newton as in Isaac Newton?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Wow…” The man was more fascinated. He then asked another question, pointing to the second one, “And this one, the one priced at five hundred thousand dollar?”


The man’s jaw dropped. His eyes almost popped out of his head. After a few moments of shocking silence, he speechlessly pointed out the third brain, wondered whose brain was that, expected to hear the greatest name in history of human kind. The third brain was tagged a million dollar.

“That one sir, was my mother in law’s.” Said the shopkeeper.

There’s a long moment of silence.

The man confusedly asked, “Why is your mother in law’s brain more expensive than Einstein’s?”

The shopkeeper answered, “It’s in mint condition, Sir. Never had been used.”

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How to live 30 hours a day

distortion of time

One of the most popular quotes about time is “Time is Money”. The meaning is simple: time is valuable. You and everybody else in this world have the same share: 24 hours everyday. No more no less. You waste it, you lose it. It won’t come back. Ever.

The funny thing is, there are times when you feel a day last longer, and there are times you feel the other way around. Some people struggle to find more time to be able to finish their works, yet some seems to have too much time that they have to struggle to find things to do to fill their seems to be neverending supply. It seems as if time were stretch-able.

Well, is it stretch-able? Can we get extra time? Can we lose extra time? We’ll let the scientist answer that questions as they are too complicated for us common people. Time is one of the most abstract concepts in human life – along with love, afterlife, alien life form, angels, and the thought that Zune can outsell iPod.

But scientist or not, everybody knows that time flies when you really enjoy what you’re doing, and time crawls when you feel the opposite. So, if you want more time, try to hate everything that you do. :). Kidding!

But if you want to get ‘bonus’ time, say, six more hours everyday, you could try this following self hack.