Brain Joke

human brain

A man walked into an antique shop and seemed to be fascinated by the big glass display. There were three items which looked like human brain inside it. So, he asked the shopkeeper curiously, “Are these human brains you are selling?”

“Yes, Sir.” The shopkeeper replied. “Rare collectible items if I might add.”

“Really? But the price tag is a bit pricey, don’t you think?”

“Worth every penny.”

“I see. So, whose brain is this?” Asked the man while pointing out to one ‘item’ tagged one hundred thousand dollar.

“That’s Newton’s”

“Newton as in Isaac Newton?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Wow…” The man was more fascinated. He then asked another question, pointing to the second one, “And this one, the one priced at five hundred thousand dollar?”


The man’s jaw dropped. His eyes almost popped out of his head. After a few moments of shocking silence, he speechlessly pointed out the third brain, wondered whose brain was that, expected to hear the greatest name in history of human kind. The third brain was tagged a million dollar.

“That one sir, was my mother in law’s.” Said the shopkeeper.

There’s a long moment of silence.

The man confusedly asked, “Why is your mother in law’s brain more expensive than Einstein’s?”

The shopkeeper answered, “It’s in mint condition, Sir. Never had been used.”

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