Simpleology: Simple Science to Guide You Through the Noises

The best things in life – like time and life energy – are free; and as all other free things, normal human being – us – have the tendency to take them for granted. So no wonder why most of us loves wasting time and energy.

Take me for example. I belong to the deadlines tribe. I am barely able to escape through each and every deadlines, because I love to put aside my (cough – boring – cough)important tasks for (more fun) unimportant activities like reading comic books, playing solitaire, online and offline chatting, and all kind of ‘noises’ we are all too familiar with; and left my works undone until (or after) the last minutes.

Sometimes I even wandering around aimlessly not knowing what to do amidst the abundance of works and assignments that I have to do. They’re just soo much that I become blank instead. Sounds familiar?

While the complete cure to the noise addiction lies inside ourselves, there are treatments available. Here’s one alternative you can try.

The Simple Science of Getting What You Want
Simpleology is the title of a book and name of the self development program created by Mark Joyner. For those of you who has been connected to the internet long enough, you might have stumbled with the name before. He’s one of the pioneer in internet marketing.

Anyway, the one that we’re going to talk about here is not the book but the web course. There are several courses with various topics from copywriting to drawing, from blogging to setting up online business. It even have courses on drawing, online music promotion, and writing a bestseller book. But the basic courses are Simpleology self development program:
101 (The Simple Science of Managing Time and Energy) – Free
102 (The Simple Science of Managing Money) – Not Free
103 (The Simple Science of Managing Health) – Not Free

Anthony Robbins love to say that ‘repetition is mother of all skills’. That is what this program’s basic learning principle. You will be given simple tasks (no more than 15 minutes) to complete everyday (with checkboxes to fill after you finish) to engrave the essence of the lessons in your mind.

Everybody would agree that daily jog of 10 minutes is much better than doing one 300 minutes monthly.

What you will get

After joining, you will be taken to the main page. It is called the WebCockpit. Here you’ll find your checklist on the main page, several online GTD-ish tools on the top pagebar, and links to Simpleology courses on the right column. The link to 101 course is right at the top while down below you can find link to software downloads. Between them are other Simpleology courses, and some of them are available for free (more on this later).

First the 101 course. Aside from online video lessons and quizzes, you’ll find downloadable printable manuals (in pdf) and downloadable course materials in MP3 format – all discussing about the same thing but in different format. The idea is to make the course always accessible anytime and anywhere.

The download section provide you with several softwares such as Simpleology Vista Gadget (to access the WebCockpit from desktop), DesktopCockpit (similar function, but for older Windows and Mac), Wimiki (somekind of coach to keep you focused to your work – Windows only, XP and below), and Browser BodyGuard (to stop the browser from distracting you – IE only, XP and below).

Being a Mac user and IE hater, I can’t try most of the software so I can’t give my opinion. I’ve tried the Mac version of the DesktopCockpit and it feels a bit slow in my old Mac. But my overall experience of doing Simpleology 101 course during the last 40 days (20 daily lessons, two times) is somewhat enlightening.

If you want more focused and distraction-less life, you should at least give this one a try.

Free Stuffs and Legal Cheats
After playing around with the program for more than a month, I found several free stuffs and ‘legal cheats’ from Simpleology that you can benefit from. Here they are:
– You can get Simpleology Blogging Course for free. It mostly discusses about ways to monetize your blog. You have to create a post in your blog with their code in it and submit the post link before you get the course.

– You can also get the free ebook version of The Great Formula – one of Mark Joyner’s best selling book – and Rise Of The Author– the soon to be released best seller.

– If you are into art and drawing, you can try the US$ 297 course of Simpleology Great Teachers Series: Jacque Fresco Teaches Drawing for free. And while you are there, you will also be given the opportunity to try the US$ 97 Simpleology 103 – Simple Science of Managing Your Health for only US$ 1.

So I think I’ve talk too long. If you can point out other free self-help programs, I would love to hear them. Use the comment below.

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